Glowacki and Sommers RCIS Course Prep

Glowacki & Sommers, LLC has been teaching the RCIS Review Course for over 10 years. Those who have taken our course have a 95% pass rate on the RCIS exam. This course is not just questions and answers. In this course we teach the concepts and physiology you need to be successful on the RCIS exam. Our course will teach you how to calculate pressures and valve areas, how an ACE inhibitor works, how a Calcium Channel Blocker works, how to interpret and make a diagnosis from waveforms.

Glowacki & Sommers has decided to use the Zoom approach to continue to teach and interact with our students. These sessions are to answer your questions and are not intended to be a substitute for attending the course. We will be hosting these 1 hour Zoom sessions:

  • Tuesday December 28, 2021

  • Tuesday January 25, 2022

  • Tuesday February 22, 2022

  • Tuesday March 22, 2022

  • Tuesday April 26, 2022

  • Tuesday May 24, 2022

  • Tuesday June 28, 2022

All Zoom teaching sessions will begin at 7pm Central time. The purpose of these sessions is to answer your questions. These sessions are open to any person that has attended our course or purchased our course on the flash drive. To register for  course send me an email indicating the date you are interested in participating in. I will confirm your attendance with a return email.

Glowacki & Sommers wants to continue to support education and your personal learning.

As many of you know the Glowacki & Sommers RCIS course is available on a flashdrive and comes with the course workbook. This format allows you to listen to the course as you work through the course workbook as if you were in attendance at a course. The workbook also contains study flashcards and a 200 question practice exam.

We hope this is helpful.

Please contact either:

Joe Glowacki at  (414)-305-1788


Susie Sommers at (414)-526-8824

Let’s continue to learn!