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“This was a great review class. I’ve been a cath lab nurse for 7 years and there were many concepts that made sense now that I took this class.”

Ashley, Florida 2021

Joe Glowacki, RN, MSN, APNP-C, RCIS

Joe started his career in the coronary intensive care unit (CICU) and then moved to the Cardiac Cath Lab. From there his career provided significant clinical and managerial experiences. He gained experience as a cardiac sonographer, a vascular sonographer, a perfusionist, an adult nurse practitioner, and as an assistant professor teaching physiology to graduate and undergraduate students in nursing. Joe continues to work in various roles. One of his current jobs is teaching pharmacology at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in Chicago, IL.

Susie Sommers, RN, MSN, APNP-C, RCIS

Susie started her career in the intensive care unit. After that she began work in the Cardiac Cath Lab. She worked in the Cardiac Cath Lab of the same hospital for 20 years. This Cath Lab had 10 procedure rooms. Susie was one of the educators for the cath Lab. Susie was instrumental in writing significant portions of the original RCIS curriculum that we teach. Susie is now a certified Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner.

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Great Review Class

"This was a great review class. I've been a cath lab nurse for 7 years and there were many concepts that made sense now that I took this class."
—Ashley, Florida 2021

Joe Glowacki and Susie Sommers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy the course workbook and flashdrive?2021-12-30T01:52:05-06:00

You will need to contact Joe or Susie by email or phone to order the workbook and flashdrive.

Once I have the course, how do I sign up for a Zoom session?2021-12-30T02:01:18-06:00

The Zoom sessions are for those who attended the course or have purchased the course on flashdrive. In them, we answer any questions our participants may have. You will need to email Joe to be placed on the Zoom list so a link can be emailed back to you.

How do I sign up for a course?2021-12-30T02:02:06-06:00

Contact Joe or Susie and they will email you the flyer.

Can I have a one on one Zoom class?2021-12-30T02:02:55-06:00
How can I find out where the next several courses are being held and if any are in my area?2021-12-30T02:06:35-06:00
How can I arrange to have a course brought to my hospital or workplace?2021-12-30T02:36:36-06:00

Thanks for your interest! Contact Joe by email to get the ball rolling.

If I have questions while studying the course material, how can I get them answered?2021-12-30T02:12:31-06:00

Contact Joe or Susie by email with your questions or message us with a request to join a Zoom session.

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When you’re trained, you don’t know the why’s — and this class fills that in.

—Meghan, Colorado 2021
Glowacki and Sommers RCIS

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